Monday, December 8, 2008

SMS jokes

1. A prince was crushed by a witch that he could speak ply 1 word per year. But if he didn’t, he could save it for the next year. 1 day he saw a beautiful princess and fell in love with her. He waited for 10 years to say this to her, “Darling, I love you. I would like to marry you” and guess what she replied…..


2. Friend 1: I sent love letters to my girlfriend everyday for 3years.
Friend 2: Then what happened?
Friend 1: Nothing she married the postman….

3. Little bit bore but very much practical… Try this… Lets see if u can guess answers...

Q. What do you call a pig with 3 eyes?
A. Piiig !

Q. How can the letter ‘A’ help a deaf lady?
A. It can make ‘her’ “hear”!

Q. What is the end of everything?
A. “g”.

4. Why do women live longer than men? Shopping never causes heart attacks, but paying the bill does…!

Monday, November 3, 2008

System restore an option to regain our files

Hi friends there are a facility in our system to recover the files. If any problem arises in windows OS then most of us will straight format the OS but that is not necessary we can restore our system to the date we want. Actually a restore point creates when ever we install new software. The files are stored in each and every drive these are used restore our status. A calendar will appear in the restore option in that calendar we can the dates exactly to which we can restore our system. Be careful some files might be deleted automatically because some files will be stored in my documents folder this will be deleted. For an example we want to restore our system to October 25, the current date is november1 then few will be created during these days so that will deleted when we restore. But we save that files we copying them in some other drive other OS installed drive.

This option is completely different from files recover software. Here no files will be recovered only registry setup will be according to the date we specify. So using this option we bring back our good working OS without formatting the hard disk.
The pictures shown above tell you the procedure for system restore.

Funny photos in cricket ground

Hello friends I found these photos recently. See in the first photo umpire Billy Bowden alone standing scared why other players lie down. He even requests the players to play but it’s a test match so even players got bored playing that. Finally Billy also joined the players.

Sorry friends actually the reason is, bees started coming into the ground so to escape from them the players lie down. But I got pictures in different styles and I myself made it a funny one.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Perfect way to relax ourselves

Hi friends the photo what I posted here took me a long years back to the childhood days where we did all things as we like not bothering about the future. Actually those days are one of the best in every ones life. All children make things with more innovative and more skillfully. The actions done by them attracts all makes us feel good. Actually spending time with these cute ones makes us free from all worries and stress we face in our day today life. Just play with the kids for an hour daily and see yourself a half age below.
Recently my neighbor’s son came to my house he is just one and half years old. That kid came in changed the place of telephone changed the place of flower case suddenly everything changed including my mind. I was just swapping the television channels not knowing how spend my time. The kid came in made my mind clear totally relaxed. The beauty smile from innocent person makes us a feel lot more good than anything else. Kid played with me a lot took my mobile thrown that outside and then he himself brought that back when call came for me. Actually spending time with kids is really a very good habit and wonderful way to relieve from stress and all pains.
Friends spending time with kids they give us a different frame of mind which helps us in lateral thinking. Kids do different things in different ways they are fresh blood and brain with empty cunning. We can learn a lot from them than our elderly people. So friends my kind request is that don’t avoid kids and don’t think spending time with them is waste of time. Enjoy yourself with children and make the family happy. Whatever the busy schedule may be make sure that you spend at least a day in week we spend with kids.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heart towards people and mind towards people

Recently I found my recent friend behaving in a different way, and then I realized that analyzes each and everything before doing. He dose what his mind says and doesn’t even care what others will think. The mind controls our reflex actions but we must allow it overcome our day today actions.
One good example to differentiate mind towards people and heart towards people, If the first case sees a blind beggar they wont give help at once they will think really is the beggar blind or not then only decides to help. But the heart towards people at once helps the blind beggar. According to me what our inner conscious says we can do that. But when we allow our mind to control our action life becomes tougher and makes us alone in the society.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The most astonishing bike I had ever seen

The bike am going to describe comes in ghost rider and really apt for the film. The muscle bike with full of energy and well designed one, which is Harley Davidson. The V engine really makes its performance a lot better. Here are few photos of that bike I got.

Most of bike riders love this bike the reason behind it that the manly look and awesome performance makes it really at top. The seat and silencer placement of this bike is really cool. That the rear part adds more to most. The handle is designed and placed like a horn on a bull. It gets a feeling as though we are riding an angry bull at full speed. The handle makes a lot more comfortable to handle this angry bull.

Coming to the engine this is the first bike to introduce V shaped engine. The cylinders are placed in a manner that the power house can easily transfer the power to the shaft. The cylinder capacity comes really high that’s why it’s been shaped in a peculiar manner to add to the balance of the bike.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

SMS jokes

1. Maths and women are the two most complicated things in the world… but maths at least has some logic.

2. Life without girls:
Markets silent, street empty, the police at rest, all mobile companies in loss, no SMS, no flowers, no valentines, no candles, no perfume, all men directed to heaven.

3. Q: what four animals dose a woman like to have in her house?
A: a tiger in bed, a mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage and a jack ass to pay for it all.

4. Student’s height of honesty: sitting in an examination hall, opening a bit, memorizing the answer an then writing it without seeing…

5. Teacher: name an animal that lives in Lapland!
Pupil: a reindeer.
Teacher: good, now name another.
Pupil: another reindeer!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to do partition in hard disk?

If the hard disk is new then while installing the operating system itself you can do partition.

But you can install the OS then also can do partition. Let you the method of doing that with system itself. First step is to go to the control panel click administrative tools then click computer management. This dialog box will appear as shown in the figure below. There you can partition your hard disk by right click on the drive then continue your work

In this disk management potion you can change the file type of the drive too. You can even combine two partitions and even create a separate one.
Another method of doing partition is using external software such as partition magic etc

Friday, October 10, 2008

A great tribute to a great person in cricket

When we say prince of Kolkata or Bengal tiger only one name flashes in our mind and that’s non other than Sourav Ganguly. This prince was born on July8, 1972 in Kolkata. That on one thought this baby would transform into million dollar baby.
He made his one day debut as a 19 year kid in January 1992 that against the mighty champion Australia. Who thought this tiger would lead India into world cup finals against the same one. But after that poor performance in that game he was put into controversy that he was not picked for his cricket but the fame he has. But dada disproved everything against England in 1996 by hitting consecutive tons in the first two tests.

From there the Bengal south paw carried his carrier into a tree with full of success fruits only. His consistent and aggressive approach made the captain of Indian team. Ganguly has captain made many remarkable things. After twenty years he was the only Indian captain to take our till finals in world cup. Ganguly is rated as the best successive captain in India till now.

He has very good attitude towards the game. This was proved by his comeback after a controversy with Great Chappell. By a person Sourav is very good man and have much self confidence in himself.
Ganguly is well known for his sixes. Once at the age of 15years he hit a ball out of the stadium to the top of the gallery. His dancing shot against the slow left arm spinner is mind blowing one.

This prince has scored 11,363 runs in 311 one day internationals at an awesome average of 41.02. This includes 22 hundreds. He also scored 6,888 runs in 109 matches with a great average of 41.74. He is one only Indian cricketer to get four man of the match awards continuously. He made that record in Sharjah. He is well known for his medium face bowling also.

Prince of Kolkata will be always remembered the world for great character and awesome performance in cricket. May god bless him and his family with lots of happiness coming days. We love you Sourav Ganguly. Those who all like him please leave comment to this tribute.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to maintain our bike performance

1. Think the bike as your family member so that a kind of affection will be there.

2. Now coming into technical aspect. Regular change gear oil is mandatory.

3. Frequent oiling of chains makes the ride much smoother.

4. Cleaning of air filter is very important. The supply of air is taken in that chamber so lots of dust particles will be deposited. If this continues possible of knocking may occur.

5. Then cleaning of the exhaust portion is vital. Coal formation along the sides of the blades makes a horrible noise and reduces the millage of the bike too. This can be prevented by heating the silencer. While heating the scales coal looses it rigidity and falls down.

6. Apart from cleaning works it is much important the way we drive our bike. Proper changing of gears at regular speeds makes the transmission liable.

7. Maintain of correct air pressure in tyres makes the suspension feel good and because of this performance is maintained.

8. Usage of breaks can be avoided as much as possible. See if we keep this in mind rash driving can be avoided.

9. The speed in which we drive the bike is important. Keep it same all the time i.e. the average speed must be the same all time where we go. The makes the engine to get nicely tuned to our style of driving.

10. Just after getting a new bike take a long distance drive at good speed in an empty road so that regulation of engine as well as tuning of engine begins there itself.

Friday, October 3, 2008

5 simple ways to improve the computer speed

There are many ways by which your system gets slow down but all the problems have common remedies; the following are the ways by which we improve our system speed.
1. The disk clean operation must be done regularly. This option is found when you right click on any drives and go to properties option.

2. Disk Defragmenter is necessary. Go to that option as shown in the picture and right click on drives to defragment them.

3. Cleaning of Registry. We can't manually clean the Registries so we can use any soft wares as shown in figure.

4. You improve your start up speed by removing all unwanted soft wares from start up. You go the dialog by typing msconfig run option available in start.

5. At last keep your system free from all viruses by installing a proper antivirus of original version do remember to update the antivirus for better results.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SMS jokes

1. Friends are like fishes… you have to site patiently for a long time to catch a nice one… just like I caught you… better stay nice or I’ll fry you!!
2. Boy: I’ve just had the most awful time. First, I got angina pectoris, then arteriosclerosis. Just as I was recovering, I got psoriasis. They gave me hypodermics and it was followed by appendectomy.
Friend: How did you pull through?
Boy: I don’t know. Toughest spelling test ever!
3. A doctor s conversation: I tried smiling that medicine. It made my gums bleed.
4. Difference between a dream a very big dream:
If you want to be beauty it’s a dream. But if you want to be beauty like me then it’s a very big dream.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Virtue of true love

Actually love can come to any one at age on any one. It has no limit what so ever. Tell me try definition of love, a kind of affection formed in ones heart about someone is love. The person who loves another person cares for him a lot. Its good feeling created in us. Let me tell you a true always help in the improvement of the character as well as our own personality. The life changes dramatically when we are in true love and guide us the right path to reach the goal. A person who doesn’t love doesn’t know to approach things in a smoother way. Every person starts the first love with their mother. So friends love the person whom you care a lot or who cares a lot for you. Don’t end your life without a love.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

SMS jokes

1. What a single spelling mistake can do: husband went to Goa. Sent an SMS to wife- “Having a wonderful time, wish u were HER”!!
A two year old child was trying to write.
2. Father – son! What are you doing?
Son – writing to my friend.
Father – do you know how to write?
Son – no dad… so what? Even my friend doesn’t know to read.
3. A kutti chathan came and asked me “I want to trouble some good people” I suggested your name. It slapped me and told” we don’t play with our BOSS”

Monday, September 15, 2008

Reading books a good habit

Many people in this world have the habit of reading books. Really its very good habit needed to be cultivated in small ages itself. Actually reading makes a person mature, makes him to understand himself, increases concentration, etc… while reading a book or novel we involve ourselves into that we image ourselves in the character we read makes real feel good. A person own personality gets improved by reading really good books. My life has changed a lot by reading books. Especially books like DAS CAPITAL, GANDHI made me realize how important reading books. For time pass I started reading books but nowadays without reading I can’t sleep. After reading the book I mentioned above I started to think what I am doing in this world, am I useful to this world, any one gets benefited by me and lots and lots of questions rose. These questions made me to improve my life style and I can see the results in my personality improved. I got more friends every one respected me a lot. So friends reading books can create a lot on improvement in you so start reading books

Friday, September 12, 2008

Short stories

Good deeds are rewarded
Once a bee fell into a pond. A dove saw this. It dropped a leaf and saved the bee. In turn when the bee saw the hunter aiming at the dove it bit his hand and saved the dove.
Hidden beauty
Once there was a beauty contest held in a park among young insects. The caterpillar did not take part. It thought it was too ugly it hid itself under a leaf. To its surprise, its cocoon broke and it became a beautiful butterfly.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cherish the pleasure of pain

The pain which we get every day is temporary. So friends don’t always think about enjoy the pain in a joyous manner so that we can change difficulties into success. To change this we need a very good attitude to develop this attitude regular meditation is required. Keep your mind clear from all queries. Approaches all the problems with clear mindset look the problem widely don’t look deeper. Always have outlook approach. These things will surely guide us to success with enjoyment.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Presence of god

The almighty is present every where and also a supreme power above all, this can be definition of god. But friends let me tell you all the human beings in the earth who cares for are god. The heart which cries when other is in a disaster is also a god. So the presence of god can be felt any where even in stranger travelling along with us in bus. But i really don't know why many peoples go to temple and spend lots and lots of money unnecessarily. So sat down in my top floor and made a deep analysis about these peoples. I found the reason. All people go to temple to make themselves free from al worries they feel a kind of great departure of sorrows from there heart. Many consider god as their dearest friend who listens to all the words coming from there heart in reply doesn’t even give a comment. This is how most of them treat the god. This most healthy way but do remember that don't allow your friend to control you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Local area network is basis of networking system. Friends let me clearly tell you LAN only connects the entire server with the client system. Actually it’s like a branch spreading to all parts of a tree and even to neighbor tree. Ethernet Adapter which is present in our PC only makes our system to be connected with others. The fast way of internet connection is also made by this Ethernet Adapter. The external modem is connected to the Ethernet Adapter which in turn acts like a ROM in PC. Even for wireless internet connection (WI-FI) this Ethernet Adapter acts as a receptor for internet connection. See we can even connect the PC with our friends PC in any place so that you can play games in network.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The most adventure movie glued me a lot

Thoroughly enjoyed movie of my life time is INDIANA JONES series. Wow what a wonderful adventure movie, really the sequence of action made a stunt for minutes. The sequence of action scenes in the movie is really great. One who wants spend the whole day nicely alone means really can see this movie all the parts. Staring from the childhood days of Jones the story goes on lively. Steven Spielberg the director of the movie really made it fantastic one in the world movies. Many new innovative things will be seen in this movie that too in 1980’s it was taken without any technical support the movie had been taken in an awesome manner. Friends let me you the must see movie before our death is this movie. Whoever had not seen this movie really I am telling you, you are missing a lot.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Alarming rise in world’s temperature

The world’s temperature is getting increased day by day. The consequences of this temperature rise mainly going to affect the coastal areas. The reason of this temperature rise is increase in pollution and contamination of the ecosystem. Nature as a balance ecosystem but humans for there own use making some permanent changes in earth against nature. When this situation is going to continue then the giant ice bugs in the earth will start melting there by increases the sea level in the earth. So friends who ever read this passage make sure that nature around you is not being polluted. The responsibility to save this planet is our hands please take it make the planet a beautiful living space for human beings.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


The back bone any nation must be there agriculture only. Without this no country can run anything. Agriculture can be of any kind it may include vegetation of crops or vegetation any natural resources. For an example in countries like Dubai main natural resource available is oil that too main oil wells that is also one kind of agriculture. In India main of agriculture is crops cultivation. All most in all villages of India farmers run there family purely depended on farms. So using of natural resources available in the country is called as agriculture.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer vacation

Every one enjoys their summer vacation and that to be spending in a nice and joyous manner. Planning is really necessary before each and every summer vacation to make it really useful. Summer vacation means the whole family going out not a single one. Each and every one in the family would have an idea of where to go and when go so it’s in hand of elder people to make right choice. Actually only during the summer vacation a mutual bond between the children and the parents are created. Normally in the fast revolving world hardly anyone spends time to speak with their children only when they go out for long days they can understand what going in their child’s mind. See my friends actually during my high school summer vacation only I found how close my dad is to me. So my friends I hope this summer vacation will be a good bonding vacation to you all.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nanganallur hanuman temple

Hi friends now am going to share a few things what I know about nanganallur hanumam temple. It is one of the famous temples in Chennai. The statue in that temple in around 32 feet made up of a singe stone. Actually a sense of silence is created when we keep our feet in that temple. Mind comes from all sorts difficulties and becomes fresh to take up the challenge in front of us. The picture above shows the remarkable way sifting the statue. So regardless of what religion every one can visit the temple.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Temples in Chennai

Lots and lot temple are here in Chennai. More over Chennai is famous for temples also. Starting from beach to Nanganallur all the areas in Chennai are filled with temples. Previously in earlier 60s many places in Chennai where empty not with tall buildings as now. So the ruling people started building temples. Previously Chennai was called as pattinnam only because of temples.
Not only Hindu temples all religious temples are here in Chennai. Okay friends don’t look Chennai as techno park alone it also famous for religious temples.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The habit of life is also called as hobby. The work which we do with more involvement is the true definition of hobby. A man can well judged by his hobby. Each and every kid will have a hobby but not all of them will follow the same hobby till their dead. According to the fast moving world and according time hobbies keep on changing even in few life hobby makes an exit at certain age. So choosing a hobby is very important it must a mind relaxing one not a mind eating one. Many have many kind of hobby. One person I meet had interesting hobby of eating. See this hobby itself made a chef one day. So early day hobbies can be future in some day…

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Secret of success

First of all one who want to be success in life need to be good human being. He/she needs to be truthful to their conscious then only what ever they will be a success. Hard work with self belief and truthfulness is the way to success. One makes himself fully satisfied only can win in life. Don’t think about others or don’t think satisfy others makes your inner conscious to be satisfied. Does what ever it needs to be satisfied, then sure who all see your work will be satisfied and impressed. Enjoy the work you do. Always smart work is better than hard work. Follow this sure success in always in your pocket.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

How to be positive in life?

Each every one wants to succeed in life, want to the number one in everything, want to the richest person in the world but only few peoples have achieved it y? Let me tell me you. The attitude is what matters in the way to success. When ever a work is started with a positive node 25% work completes there itself remaining hard work alone. So to be positive always we need keep ourselves busy each and every minute. When ever the mind is getting bored it thinks in a backward path which leads to disaster. Even when we are not involved in anything not a problem keep our mind busy that’s what matters a lot.
Start with confidence
Travel through knowledge
Reach through experience
Win through winsome

The above said lines are what the secret of success. So who reads this passage sure will change their mind reach the goal. All the very best…

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pen Drive

Most usable in day today life is pen drive. Every college student as well as IT professionals sure will be having a pen drive with them. A small portable device in which we can store data just exactly like our hard disk used in pc is the true definition of pen drive. Pen drive comes in different storage capacity ranging from gigabyte to even terabyte. What makes pen drive most famous is that its small look and large usage. What ever we can store in a pen drive can be easily transferred to pc. Nowadays even pen drive can be used in any players as wells as play stations. This makes easy for the users to handle any kind of items in very quick as well more secured way. Finally to conclude pen drive is another wonderful invention in field of computer science.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Internet browsers

The world wide website makes the world really short and compactable. To go in touch with internet we need a gate way called as browsers. Actually the browsers make a great role in internet. Many kinds of browsers are available nowadays for an example Mozilla firefox, Opera, Internet explorer, Chrome, Avast etc…As the types of browsers increasing the need of the best security comes into question, also how fast each one can perform also peeks our mind. But everything is equally good. The selection of browsers depends on which kind of requirement is needed by the customers. So decide of the requirement and choose right kind and enjoy the internet with full safety.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

suduku puzzles

The logical puzzle which does not include any mathematical operations. Rearranging of numbers from 1 to 9. Solving of suduku puzzle requires lateral thing and logical reasoning. The main advantage in this puzzle is that it as an unique solution that makes it more interesting. Actually regular solving of these puzzles increases brain to think in a lateral way. It’s good nourishment to the brain. More concentration is required while solving this puzzle; any misunderstanding leads to a wrong way which is identified at the last stage. So there is careful concentration required until it is fully solved. There many kinds of suduku for an example addition colors makes our mind wobble during solving puzzles. As my pure experience tells you to solve suduku every day makes you more relaxing even trains your mind in better path.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Red color

The brightest color in this world. Many will say red symbolize danger yes that is true. But we to think what make them to choose red alone. The reason behind this is human tendency is always dragged towards the bright things in world. The human is more sensitive to red than black. But using red in daily basis is not advisable by doctors. So the most beautiful color in the right place at right time.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bike riders

Driving over a long distance is really a very good hobby. The positive of driving a bike over long distance prepares us in good manner. Concentration improves, sharpness increases, attitude towards life changes. Really riding a bike gives more self confidence. Bike riders make themselves physically fit for this. Driving a bike in endless road reveals the true nature of life. Many ups and downs come in life and go this could be seen while driving. Really the movie WILD DOGS tells us how a bike driving gang will be. It’s a comedy story but has lot of stuff in it. Finally to conclude driving bike is a very good hobby every one should develop.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yamaha R15

The most astonishing bike from Yamaha is R15. Really a true sports bike in 150cc category. The height of bike makes it feel more comfortable all level of customers. Sure Yamaha is making its mark again in India that too in 150cc category. The out look of bike attracts all the youngsters. The full fairings make its glorious touch more and sexier. The graphics adding a great look to the bike. New creative designs make the bike stand out from others. Sure many more bikes will be coming Yamaha in 150cc segment.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Everything in life is miracle... Even a single life starting is miracle... See all of go to bed thinking tomorrow is ours. But a miracle many of them are dead only when they are sleeping. So each and every morning is a miracle... The miracle what we think miracle is not a miracle... It happens without our knowledge that is miracle...