Thursday, August 13, 2009

Social learning network

College students search for books and materials available where ever to complete their courses. Even group studies will do for them. Main things what I found among themselves is that they get materials mostly from seniors as well as professors. So a simple guidance and library for them is available in a recent site I found. It gives the whole course study material and the detailed structure of all the useful information are furnished along with it.

CS Homework Solution

is one of the most powerful link where a pool of questions as well as solutions given in it. This link provides mainly for computer science students. All kinds books are available in adobe reader format which is exact copy the books available in the market. Only thing you need to know is that what is the book name or else the author of the book is alone needed.

CS Lecture Note

is also available in this site. Folks, apart from this, CS Exam

courses are also linked to this site. Here you can get a model question paper so you can write an exam before attending the original one. Dictionary takes you to a new window where you can translate the words to different languages you needed. So folks go through this link and share your information with us all best for the success in your career.