Saturday, November 1, 2008

Perfect way to relax ourselves

Hi friends the photo what I posted here took me a long years back to the childhood days where we did all things as we like not bothering about the future. Actually those days are one of the best in every ones life. All children make things with more innovative and more skillfully. The actions done by them attracts all makes us feel good. Actually spending time with these cute ones makes us free from all worries and stress we face in our day today life. Just play with the kids for an hour daily and see yourself a half age below.
Recently my neighbor’s son came to my house he is just one and half years old. That kid came in changed the place of telephone changed the place of flower case suddenly everything changed including my mind. I was just swapping the television channels not knowing how spend my time. The kid came in made my mind clear totally relaxed. The beauty smile from innocent person makes us a feel lot more good than anything else. Kid played with me a lot took my mobile thrown that outside and then he himself brought that back when call came for me. Actually spending time with kids is really a very good habit and wonderful way to relieve from stress and all pains.
Friends spending time with kids they give us a different frame of mind which helps us in lateral thinking. Kids do different things in different ways they are fresh blood and brain with empty cunning. We can learn a lot from them than our elderly people. So friends my kind request is that don’t avoid kids and don’t think spending time with them is waste of time. Enjoy yourself with children and make the family happy. Whatever the busy schedule may be make sure that you spend at least a day in week we spend with kids.