Monday, January 19, 2009

Motor cycle diaries

The movie which made me realizes what the world is and things happening around me. Its story of two guys who took their bike and just started to roam all around the country. They started with nothing in there pockets. They gathered money where ever they found and slept at any place. But slow and slow they came to meet many persons in the world. Actually the turning point in this story is that they found a couple starving and they couldn’t help them. At last both reached a leprosy hospital where both them realized their purpose of birth. This is must see movie before you die

Riding bikes teaches a lot

Hi friends I always used to ride my bike a long distance and even used to participate in rallies regarding this. I found a lot more things which we compare with our day today life. Actually life is also like a road which has ups and downs. When we driving in slopes we doesn’t make much efforts and goes on easily, but to get into that slope we need to climb a height which requires hard work. The concentration increases tremendously while driving. We need have a look at all directions. See if we are going to be relax a second we are lost. Same can be implemented in life also.