Thursday, July 9, 2009

Car Connection

One of the biggest ambitions in our life is to own at least one luxurious car in our life time. Getting variety of cars makes a person crazy and fun loving. I came across a site recently regarding cars. It gives complete details and specifications (prize) about cars all over the world.
The following links includes the main four cars that has been displayed in this site. Those are ford mustang
, lexus
, dodge and bmw. The comments given by the users are displayed along with the car specification and price. The comment displayed gives us a clear idea about the car whether it still exists in market, its advantages and disadvantages.
More over it contains a column which gives us information about the latest brand of car available in the market and comparison between various cars. The comparison is done in all aspects of price, performance related issues, maintenance etc. Unique thing which I found is that, the rates of used cars as well as its reviews are displayed. You have to select the make and model of the car for which you are looking for complete details.
In bmw
All the versions of car from the year 1997 to the model yet to be released in 2011 are published. Best feature on this site is the PRICE COLUMN. It helps us to search cars based on price. The photo galleries present in this site gives wonderful picture of the car which includes reviews given by the experts. So folks try this new experience of car surfing and share your thoughts with us…