Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to maintain our bike performance

1. Think the bike as your family member so that a kind of affection will be there.

2. Now coming into technical aspect. Regular change gear oil is mandatory.

3. Frequent oiling of chains makes the ride much smoother.

4. Cleaning of air filter is very important. The supply of air is taken in that chamber so lots of dust particles will be deposited. If this continues possible of knocking may occur.

5. Then cleaning of the exhaust portion is vital. Coal formation along the sides of the blades makes a horrible noise and reduces the millage of the bike too. This can be prevented by heating the silencer. While heating the scales coal looses it rigidity and falls down.

6. Apart from cleaning works it is much important the way we drive our bike. Proper changing of gears at regular speeds makes the transmission liable.

7. Maintain of correct air pressure in tyres makes the suspension feel good and because of this performance is maintained.

8. Usage of breaks can be avoided as much as possible. See if we keep this in mind rash driving can be avoided.

9. The speed in which we drive the bike is important. Keep it same all the time i.e. the average speed must be the same all time where we go. The makes the engine to get nicely tuned to our style of driving.

10. Just after getting a new bike take a long distance drive at good speed in an empty road so that regulation of engine as well as tuning of engine begins there itself.

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