Monday, September 15, 2008

Reading books a good habit

Many people in this world have the habit of reading books. Really its very good habit needed to be cultivated in small ages itself. Actually reading makes a person mature, makes him to understand himself, increases concentration, etc… while reading a book or novel we involve ourselves into that we image ourselves in the character we read makes real feel good. A person own personality gets improved by reading really good books. My life has changed a lot by reading books. Especially books like DAS CAPITAL, GANDHI made me realize how important reading books. For time pass I started reading books but nowadays without reading I can’t sleep. After reading the book I mentioned above I started to think what I am doing in this world, am I useful to this world, any one gets benefited by me and lots and lots of questions rose. These questions made me to improve my life style and I can see the results in my personality improved. I got more friends every one respected me a lot. So friends reading books can create a lot on improvement in you so start reading books

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