Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ricky enjoyed the hard work of Steve Waugh

Ricky Ponting leading the Australia team to win world cup in succession dose he really deserves it?
A question hooked up in my mind. Yes he had every right to take it. But when dose Australia became to dominate the world cricket who actually built that team. My answer is that Ricky Ponting enjoyed fruit alone. It’s Steve Waugh who cultivated that beautiful team all the way. Actually Steve Waugh started from the scratch and builds a team which is not afraid of any one in the world. It consists of great man but a yet a binding was there between all of them. After the retirement of Steve Waugh, Ricky took the team which was perfectly set to win all the matches it played. Now it goes down town after Warne and McGrath and till no one steady’s the bowling ship in Australian team. Ricky should have made initiatives to get a backup for those two legends. I’ll say Steve Waugh made it a cake walk for Ricky to take. As a batsman I would Ricky a legend but not as a captain. Some body needs to come like Steve Waugh to rebuild the team.

The Shawshank Redemption

Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman lived excellently in this movie. The movie is based on how you keep yourself busy living or busy dying. At the start the movie goes in slow phase but after that, slow phase carries us to a greater height. Many scenes touched my heart and moved a bit. So I can’t say anything in particular. After downloading the movie I don’t know the meaning of redemption and even I dint try found that from dictionary, but after seeing the movie I clearly understood the meaning of the word and meaning of keeping ourselves busy. The commitment and determination is the key which can take us to any height we want whatever the environment we may live. Tim Robbins showed that in this movie. “Forty years I have been asking permission to piss I can’t even squeeze a drop without say-so “a dialog by Morgan Freeman in this movie. Hi folks the dialog may look funny if you read as such but see this movie it may not look funny. See you can folks with a good movie bye…