Monday, October 20, 2008

The most astonishing bike I had ever seen

The bike am going to describe comes in ghost rider and really apt for the film. The muscle bike with full of energy and well designed one, which is Harley Davidson. The V engine really makes its performance a lot better. Here are few photos of that bike I got.

Most of bike riders love this bike the reason behind it that the manly look and awesome performance makes it really at top. The seat and silencer placement of this bike is really cool. That the rear part adds more to most. The handle is designed and placed like a horn on a bull. It gets a feeling as though we are riding an angry bull at full speed. The handle makes a lot more comfortable to handle this angry bull.

Coming to the engine this is the first bike to introduce V shaped engine. The cylinders are placed in a manner that the power house can easily transfer the power to the shaft. The cylinder capacity comes really high that’s why it’s been shaped in a peculiar manner to add to the balance of the bike.