Monday, November 3, 2008

System restore an option to regain our files

Hi friends there are a facility in our system to recover the files. If any problem arises in windows OS then most of us will straight format the OS but that is not necessary we can restore our system to the date we want. Actually a restore point creates when ever we install new software. The files are stored in each and every drive these are used restore our status. A calendar will appear in the restore option in that calendar we can the dates exactly to which we can restore our system. Be careful some files might be deleted automatically because some files will be stored in my documents folder this will be deleted. For an example we want to restore our system to October 25, the current date is november1 then few will be created during these days so that will deleted when we restore. But we save that files we copying them in some other drive other OS installed drive.

This option is completely different from files recover software. Here no files will be recovered only registry setup will be according to the date we specify. So using this option we bring back our good working OS without formatting the hard disk.
The pictures shown above tell you the procedure for system restore.

Funny photos in cricket ground

Hello friends I found these photos recently. See in the first photo umpire Billy Bowden alone standing scared why other players lie down. He even requests the players to play but it’s a test match so even players got bored playing that. Finally Billy also joined the players.

Sorry friends actually the reason is, bees started coming into the ground so to escape from them the players lie down. But I got pictures in different styles and I myself made it a funny one.