Friday, January 30, 2009

Che el Argentino a movie to be seen

Che el Argentino a movie which runs for four hour duration so tits been made into two parts. The part one is what I am going speak now. The movie is purely based on a single character. The origin of this character comes from the film motor cycle diaries what I wrote in my previous post. Now coming to this movie’s greatness and the art exhibited by the director, this movie starts some what little slow but as it goes it lifts us from the seat. I don’t want to tell the story of this movie now. Better you folks feel the heat after seeing this movie. The most admired part is that this movie is that it attracts people with least back ground music. The best movie I had ever seen in my life with little or no back ground music yet stands tall. I think the director reduced the music and reduced our distractions in that. So folks see this movie and get a different feel.

Shopping a fun

Shopping is the most enjoyable job to every one. We go to shopping to get all things what are we wanted at affordable price as well as the variety we needed. Especially when am going with my gal that’s it the whole shop will be upside down. So I was discussing with my about this issue and how to recover from this. He told me about this site SHOP and it is really a wonderful solution to me.
The wide range is available here in this site and it makes more convenient for the user to choose what they wanted. This reduces all the stresses and the time we needed a lot. The category wise arrangement of the things makes it easier for the users to learn more and save more. The color full design also makes a greater beauty to this site. To visit this site click the link available here SHOP
SHOPis the pool where you can find all things you wanted and all the useful commodities in your concern are also displayed in this site. My friend told me about this and made free from all worries. I enjoy the life a lot and make my times useful in funny way I wanted. So friends do visit this site and enjoy the life.

Millennium Trailers one in million

A to Z details about trailers are clearly given in this site below.
race car trailer
Normally trailers are huge and massive in structure so obliviously the information we required about same also is massive. The huge task is easily done in the Millennium Trailers. The type of trailers, specifications, design etc all details are furnished crystal clear in this site. The best part is that it is designed in such a way that even a laymen can understand the things he wanted. The pictures clearly reveal the types and models of trailers available all over the world.
The part which attracted me is the design of trailers. The navigation through design phase travels smoothly and at last meets our expectations. This design part tells requirements first and the objectives also satisfied. Actually am not interested in trailers at all but after doing the design of trailers in this site I became a lover of trailers. This also covers wide variety of where are the trailers available and at what price. Even you can create your dream trailers in this site. All together with my pure experience I would suggest you all friends this dictionary for trailers. To enter into this site just click the link available below and enjoy your day.
race car trailer

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Career Education a dream pool for jobs

Education is the basic need for all and it makes a man perfect in thinking and improves us professionally. A boon to increases the education is site. You can see all the information regarding your profession and the way by which you can get into jobs. This is free site where you can register yourself and enlighten your career in direction you want. More over the options available here guide us to various departments regardless and this makes us to take the right decision. Since I navigated this site a very well I got clear review of what are the contents in there and by which we can be benefited. To enter into this site just click the below link and start your bright career.
medical billing jobs
Actually in this site I searched for my higher studies which will provide me jobs. This site4 gives relevant information in what we are looking for. You can get education both online and offline means which is another peculiar feature. So do visit this site which is delicious meal for education starving peoples. To enter into site just copy the link below and paste in your browser and start navigating into it. Best wishes.
medical billing jobs

Monday, January 19, 2009

Motor cycle diaries

The movie which made me realizes what the world is and things happening around me. Its story of two guys who took their bike and just started to roam all around the country. They started with nothing in there pockets. They gathered money where ever they found and slept at any place. But slow and slow they came to meet many persons in the world. Actually the turning point in this story is that they found a couple starving and they couldn’t help them. At last both reached a leprosy hospital where both them realized their purpose of birth. This is must see movie before you die

Riding bikes teaches a lot

Hi friends I always used to ride my bike a long distance and even used to participate in rallies regarding this. I found a lot more things which we compare with our day today life. Actually life is also like a road which has ups and downs. When we driving in slopes we doesn’t make much efforts and goes on easily, but to get into that slope we need to climb a height which requires hard work. The concentration increases tremendously while driving. We need have a look at all directions. See if we are going to be relax a second we are lost. Same can be implemented in life also.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cheers to all its hangover time

Time went so slow and bad don’t know what to do, that instance I thought of remembering what alcoholic drinks I know from A to Z. Here are few what I know…

A- Aristocrat
B- Bagpiper
C- Ceseer
D- Drambuie
E- Earthquake shot
F- Fun drop
G- Gin
H- Haywards
I- Imperial blue
J- Jhonie
K- King fisher
L- Lime drop
N- Nicolas no1
O- Old monk
P- Peter scotch
Q- Queen
R- Royal stag
S- Signature
T- Teacher’sscot
U- Uni boul
V- Vodka
W- White hall
X- Xxx rum
Y- Yankey
Z- Zingaro

SMS jokes

1. Friend1: I just had a narrow escape, a bus went over me…!
Friend 2: how did u escape then…?
Friend 1: luckily I was standing under FLYOVER…!

2. Very important message: today is Thomas Alwa Edison birthday so send wishes to all tube lights. Now I have done my job hope you too continue…

3. Quick death: Take a big rope, tie it around your neck and hang yourself.

Slow death: Take a small rope, tie it around a glaz neck and marry her.

4. Man at medical shop: I need a poison.
Shopkeeper: I can’t sell you that.
Man shows his wife photo.
Shopkeeper: I didn’t know you had a prescription sorry sir…

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Laughing a healthy habit

Laughing is the healthiest habit ever. Laughing makes our mind clear and fresh to take new things. But most of do not think this in our daily work. We can admire at all the things happening around in our environment. Laughing comes when start mingling with children. They not only make us laugh but also give creative methods in our life. Laughing involves many muscles in our face so it’s also considered as an exercise given to face. A smile in your face makes your personality look better and initiates the conversation with the third person without a word. So friends always have a smile in your face and laugh when you cease an opportunity. Laugh and make your life and the environment around you colorful.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thanks to you all friends

Hi folks thanks to you all. I got page rank 4 with all your good cooperation and well support. Hope I’ll share my knowledge in explicit way through blog. After I started my blog I learned nicer and innovative things happening in this world. It’s actually a pool of world where u can share and get knowledge. More over above sharing knowledge I was involved in making friends a lot. Actually the diameter of my friends circle kept on increased day by day. So once again thank you to all…