Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SMS jokes

1. Friends are like fishes… you have to site patiently for a long time to catch a nice one… just like I caught you… better stay nice or I’ll fry you!!
2. Boy: I’ve just had the most awful time. First, I got angina pectoris, then arteriosclerosis. Just as I was recovering, I got psoriasis. They gave me hypodermics and it was followed by appendectomy.
Friend: How did you pull through?
Boy: I don’t know. Toughest spelling test ever!
3. A doctor s conversation: I tried smiling that medicine. It made my gums bleed.
4. Difference between a dream a very big dream:
If you want to be beauty it’s a dream. But if you want to be beauty like me then it’s a very big dream.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Virtue of true love

Actually love can come to any one at age on any one. It has no limit what so ever. Tell me try definition of love, a kind of affection formed in ones heart about someone is love. The person who loves another person cares for him a lot. Its good feeling created in us. Let me tell you a true always help in the improvement of the character as well as our own personality. The life changes dramatically when we are in true love and guide us the right path to reach the goal. A person who doesn’t love doesn’t know to approach things in a smoother way. Every person starts the first love with their mother. So friends love the person whom you care a lot or who cares a lot for you. Don’t end your life without a love.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

SMS jokes

1. What a single spelling mistake can do: husband went to Goa. Sent an SMS to wife- “Having a wonderful time, wish u were HER”!!
A two year old child was trying to write.
2. Father – son! What are you doing?
Son – writing to my friend.
Father – do you know how to write?
Son – no dad… so what? Even my friend doesn’t know to read.
3. A kutti chathan came and asked me “I want to trouble some good people” I suggested your name. It slapped me and told” we don’t play with our BOSS”

Monday, September 15, 2008

Reading books a good habit

Many people in this world have the habit of reading books. Really its very good habit needed to be cultivated in small ages itself. Actually reading makes a person mature, makes him to understand himself, increases concentration, etc… while reading a book or novel we involve ourselves into that we image ourselves in the character we read makes real feel good. A person own personality gets improved by reading really good books. My life has changed a lot by reading books. Especially books like DAS CAPITAL, GANDHI made me realize how important reading books. For time pass I started reading books but nowadays without reading I can’t sleep. After reading the book I mentioned above I started to think what I am doing in this world, am I useful to this world, any one gets benefited by me and lots and lots of questions rose. These questions made me to improve my life style and I can see the results in my personality improved. I got more friends every one respected me a lot. So friends reading books can create a lot on improvement in you so start reading books

Friday, September 12, 2008

Short stories

Good deeds are rewarded
Once a bee fell into a pond. A dove saw this. It dropped a leaf and saved the bee. In turn when the bee saw the hunter aiming at the dove it bit his hand and saved the dove.
Hidden beauty
Once there was a beauty contest held in a park among young insects. The caterpillar did not take part. It thought it was too ugly it hid itself under a leaf. To its surprise, its cocoon broke and it became a beautiful butterfly.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cherish the pleasure of pain

The pain which we get every day is temporary. So friends don’t always think about enjoy the pain in a joyous manner so that we can change difficulties into success. To change this we need a very good attitude to develop this attitude regular meditation is required. Keep your mind clear from all queries. Approaches all the problems with clear mindset look the problem widely don’t look deeper. Always have outlook approach. These things will surely guide us to success with enjoyment.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Presence of god

The almighty is present every where and also a supreme power above all, this can be definition of god. But friends let me tell you all the human beings in the earth who cares for are god. The heart which cries when other is in a disaster is also a god. So the presence of god can be felt any where even in stranger travelling along with us in bus. But i really don't know why many peoples go to temple and spend lots and lots of money unnecessarily. So sat down in my top floor and made a deep analysis about these peoples. I found the reason. All people go to temple to make themselves free from al worries they feel a kind of great departure of sorrows from there heart. Many consider god as their dearest friend who listens to all the words coming from there heart in reply doesn’t even give a comment. This is how most of them treat the god. This most healthy way but do remember that don't allow your friend to control you.