Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Presence of god

The almighty is present every where and also a supreme power above all, this can be definition of god. But friends let me tell you all the human beings in the earth who cares for are god. The heart which cries when other is in a disaster is also a god. So the presence of god can be felt any where even in stranger travelling along with us in bus. But i really don't know why many peoples go to temple and spend lots and lots of money unnecessarily. So sat down in my top floor and made a deep analysis about these peoples. I found the reason. All people go to temple to make themselves free from al worries they feel a kind of great departure of sorrows from there heart. Many consider god as their dearest friend who listens to all the words coming from there heart in reply doesn’t even give a comment. This is how most of them treat the god. This most healthy way but do remember that don't allow your friend to control you.

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