Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cheers to all its hangover time

Time went so slow and bad don’t know what to do, that instance I thought of remembering what alcoholic drinks I know from A to Z. Here are few what I know…

A- Aristocrat
B- Bagpiper
C- Ceseer
D- Drambuie
E- Earthquake shot
F- Fun drop
G- Gin
H- Haywards
I- Imperial blue
J- Jhonie
K- King fisher
L- Lime drop
N- Nicolas no1
O- Old monk
P- Peter scotch
Q- Queen
R- Royal stag
S- Signature
T- Teacher’sscot
U- Uni boul
V- Vodka
W- White hall
X- Xxx rum
Y- Yankey
Z- Zingaro

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